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It is very easy to write blogs but writing blogs that can bring massive traffic is not very easy. It can be frustrating to spend your energy on a blog post, work on the WordPress SEO, wait for it to index, and hope that you get a lot of visitors.  The title of your blog is linked to the volume of traffic that you can get to your blog. If you have a better title, you are likely to get high click-through rates.

While titles are not the sole reason for your website traffic to increase, it can play a key role once your blog post makes it to the top 10 of the search engine results. That’s when the title can be really impactful.

Imagine if you are searching for “Best Sleeping Bags”, which of the below titles would you find more appealing:

Best Sleeping Bags for Camping, Backpacking & More
SEO Blog Titles - Wirecutter


10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags & Quilts of 2019
SEO Blog Titles - CleverHiker

While the first time, thewirecutter.com is more well-known, the second site ranks higher in the search engine results. I for one would certainly click on the title for cleverhiker.com.

So, with a powerful blog title, you can ensure that your site gets more traffic than some of the more established sites.

Tips for Blog Titles that will help you Increase Traffic

  1. Write about things that are trending: If you write about articles that are trending, you are likely to get high volumes of searches because that is what people are interested in the most. Go to twitter or any social media and check out topics that people are talking about. If you write about topics that are trending, a blog gets a high volume of searches as more people would be interested in topics that are trending. Writing about these topics can provide perspective to these new companies regarding while pointing their eye towards many useful data. Speaking of trending, there is always something or the other that is trending and that is a resource that will never run out.
  2. Read other blogs for inspiration: if you are someone who is just going to focus on his own blogs and never pays heed about reading other blogs. You are definitely missing out on a lot of things. If you want to write well, you must have a look at what is being published on the internet. And to be aware start reading about technology, hobbies, politics, industries, parenting etc. Reading different types of blogs on the internet can help a person in getting a diverse perspective on how to write articles and titles related to it.
  3. Try Using a Number in your Headline: If you search something on google, there are high chances of blogs appearing at the top of the search with a numeral in its title. If you search google for “healthy food”, it will give out the result with numbers in their title. There are many types of research done on the nature of blog title that is preferred by search engine and a title with the number is the highest in rank. If you look at titles with numbers in it, they are very easy to read and quite straight forward in nature. These blogs usually come with points that increase the readability of the blog.
  4. Do not write ambiguous Blog Titles: Blog titles should always be clear, it means if a reader is reading the title they should be clear about understanding the point of the blog right away. If your blog titles are clear, then you are likely to attract readers and increase the reading rate right away rather than making the readers sift away after reading the blog for a certain amount of time. This also makes it easy for websites to recognize who their actual readers are.
  5. Use Short Titles: If someone asks you to define how the best blog title looks, there are two words for it, simple and short. Blogs with long headlines are difficult for readers to comprehend and many users leave it halfway without reading the entire headline.
  6. Use different tools that can help you with Title Generation: There are multiple tools that enable a user to generate on-point Titles for Blogs while just giving a keyword. These tools work by analyzing the subject and the language of the article and then comes up with different lists of titles that can help in generating good leads. Every title generated by this tool creates a different perspective on the subject and is something that a writer can rely on every time they try and create content for their website.
  7. Explain the different benefits of what you are writing about: If you are writing about something, it is better to write about its benefits to the user. If you are talking about any service, rather than talking about the service itself, talk about its benefits and how it can impact a user. By stating the benefits in the article, you are attracting more readers to click on your article.
  8. Use phrases that will steal the light: It is much more exciting to use catchy phrases rather than describing something on your own. Having a dull description of something can make things very dull for the reader and can decrease the engagement of active readers on your blog. Apart from using catchy phrases, you can also use catchy words that can help in invoking the emotions of a person in a better way.
  9. Dramatise the Topics: Sensationalized Titles are known to have a higher click-through rate. Say if you are writing about something, try to exaggerate the point that you are trying to achieve in the blog. Boring titles are less likely to get mouse clicks than interesting ones. This structure has been created to increase the appeal of the audience towards the blogs. If you look at it, interesting blogs should be simple, easy and exciting to read. Excitement is one of the major driving features that enable a user to click be a reader to a certain blog.
  10. Focus on using keywords: It is very important to use targeted keywords in your blog. Keywords basically act as a subject to the content and tell the readers what this blog focuses on primarily. If a blog is not able to explain its subject target keyword then the click rate of your article will fall down.
  11. Be Controversial: It is very interesting to be controversial. Blogs that are controversial tend to get more clicks. Rather than being straight forward, try to create a controversy and then explain your point. That’s something everyone would love to read.
  12. Use a Formula: You must be wondering how would you be able to write a blog title while keeping every mentioned point in mind. Well, the truth is, you can’t. However, there is a basic formula which can be used to fabricate the title of the blog. The formula goes by:
    Trigger word + Adjective + Targeted Keyword (Subject) + What you are explaining (a promise)


Hopefully, you can use the above tips to come up with a good blog title that will increase traffic to your website.

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