The Definitive Guide to Influencer Marketing

Key InfluencersNothing beats a blog that has the support of social media influencers. Period.

Think about it:

What better way to get your content exposed to giant audiences without lots of effort?

Sadly, most people don’t know how to earn that support. You follow them on social networks, comment on their blogs and even reach out to them to ask for a social share. However, influencers never respond.

Why? The answer, which may seem obvious, is that you don’t have a good strategy. That’s why I decided to create this helpful resource for you.

Basically, I put together the BEST information ever published about this topic in one place. In each chapter, you’ll find my “treasure chest” of information, guides, resources, and tools that will help you get more social shares and engagement from your influencers.

Table of contents

Chapter #1: Fundamentals of Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing fundamentals

Fundamentals are the most important part of anything you want to learn. Techniques, strategies, and tactics change over the time, but principles and fundamentals remain constant. That’s why I decided to start with the basics and show you what influencer marketing really is and how to use it properly.

Here are some guides and resources that will help you learn the basics:

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Chapter # 2:  Advanced Techniques to Find Social Media Influencers

finding social media influencers

If you don’t know who your influencers are, it will be impossible for you to do everything else. But don’t worry, the following guides will help you do it with ease. You’ll learn how to find and engage your influencers with top-notch techniques and strategies.

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Chapter # 3: How to Develop a Strategy That Gives You Results


As with anything in marketing, you need to develop a strategy. That way, you’ll be able to be organized and follow a process that always gives you results. Here are some resources that will help you develop an influencer marketing strategy from scratch.

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Chapter # 4: How to Find Influencer-Friendly Topics

influencer friendly topics

Influencers will be more likely to share, comment, and link to your content if you talk about topics that interest them. However, most people skip this step and go straight to the creation part. But not you. You’re smarter.

The guides below will walk you through the process of finding viral content ideas that will grab the attention of influencers.

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Chapter # 5: How to Create Content That Entices Influencers to Share

content creation

It’s not a secret that some types of content perform better than others, and when it comes to attracting big names, there are specific content frameworks you can use. Here are the best techniques to develop content that your influencers will love:

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Chapter # 6: How to Implement Powerful Outreaching Campaigns


Outreaching is one of the most important steps in your strategy. However, there are some rules and principles you need to learn if you don’t want to wind up in the spam folder of your targets.

The resources below will show you everything from the psychological triggers that make emails powerful to the structure of a prefect email and how to develop an effective outreach campaign.

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Chapter # 7: Influencer Marketing Tools for Smart People


Marketers love tools for a good reason: tools make our lives easier. Now, what if you combine a good strategy with the right tools? That’s when you can leverage an incredible power that will save you time and money.

Well, I decided to show you the best influencer marketing tools, but also some proven strategies to get the most out of them:

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Chapter # 8: Mind-Blowing Resources and Guides

best resources

While I was researching this post I found some incredible resources, but I didn’t find a specific chapter in which to place them, so I decided to list them here.

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Chapter # 9: Amazing Case Studies

case studies

I love case studies because they show you exactly what’s working in your space and guide you step-by-step through the processes other people used to get awesome results. Here are the best influencer marketing case studies ever published (the first one will blow your mind).

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I truly believe that you enjoyed this awesome guide. I plan on converting it in a sempitern resource for everyone who wants to build a stronger relationship with influencers. If you think that you have a piece that would fit well in one of the chapters above, please leave a comment and let me know.

Remember, if you found value in this guide, please share it with your friends on social media.


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  • Hello Josue,
    This is supposed to be an ultimate guide and now a blog post, its too big to be called a blog post.

    Influencer marketing is really one of the best ways to grow a business when you’re just starting. Because as a newbie, no one knows of your existence yet and the best way to let people know about you is to utilize other peoples audience.

    Learn how to connect with them and they will help to promote the hell out of you.

    I’m going to bookmark this guide immediately for easy reference.

    • Theodore, I really appreciate your comment. You’re right, if you leverage the power of influencers you’ll grow extremely faster. That’s why everyone who wants to succeed as a blogger needs to start building relationships with relevant people within their industries even before launching their blog.


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