21 Tips for You to Increase Amazon Affiliate Conversion Rate


Are you worried about the lack of conversions on your Amazon Affiliate site?


Have you received a new ready-made Amazon Affiliate site and would like to ensure you profit quickly?

Well, I was in a similar situation a few years ago. I was looking to increase my sales from the Amazon affiliate site of mine.

It took me some time to learn how to optimize my Amazon Affiliate sites and make more money.

I learned from the mistakes that I made and also from other internet marketers. In this article, you will tips that will help you increase your Amazon Affiliate conversion rate.

Amazon Affiliate gives you the opportunity to earn up to 10% in referral fees and a commission bonus on some products. Given Amazon’s universal recognition, trust and popularity, you start off on a strong foundation. But your earning capacity ultimately depends on how successfully you can convince website visitors to engage with your website and generate a healthy click-through rate. 

Some strategies have helped Amazon Affiliate marketers build trust and boost conversion. Here are 21 proven tips to Increase Amazon Affiliate Conversion Rate, thereby maximizing sales and growing your affiliate income. 

I have grouped the tips into relevant sections for you to process them:


1. Select quality products

Once you pick a profitable niche. It is equally important to select quality products. You don’t have to tell white lies or worry about a lack of positive reviews and testimonials. It will save you the headache of trying to position a sub-standard product before today’s savvy shoppers!

Another key aspect to note is that Amazon now provides a standard commission rate for products based on their categories. Look at the image below that provides the details of the commission rates:

Amazon Affiliate Conversion - Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories

As you can see from the table above, you can earn 5.5% commission on your sales if you are an affiliate that is focussed on outdoor tools. 

However, if you’re selling video games to your visitors then you are able to earn a 1% commission. 

Many of the Amazon affiliate sites had their earnings cut more than half when these new rates were announced.  

So my first tip is to also consider the product category. Do not spend time on a category that will get you either nothing or less than 2% of commission. This is easy if you are starting a new site.

 However, if you already have a niche Amazon affiliate site, you need to change direction slightly to align with a better category.

For example, if your niche site was about physical books, you could move to bookshelves. This could most likely fall under the “furniture” product category. So from 4.5%, your commision would move to the 8% commision rate. Smooth, right?

Start thinking creatively and you can take advantage of the new Amazon commision rate structure. 

2. Use keywords buyers use

Buyers’ keywords are key phrases that reflect buyer intent. Examples include ‘product name review’, ‘best product name’, ‘cheap product name’, ‘product X versus product Y’, ‘ways to use product name’, and ‘what kind of product name should I buy’. The best tool that I recommend to use to find such keywords is KWFinder.

3. Include long-tail, low competition traffic

As long-tail keywords are specific rather than broad, you can target them to specific buyers. Examples include ‘baseball card top loaders’, ‘silver ballet pumps with a bow’ and ‘DSLR camera with mic input’.

Long-tail keywords have a low volume, not as much competition, and they are cheaper than short-tail keywords. For these reasons, long-tail keywords have high SEO value.

It is easier to rank for longer, more specific key terms – which also make up a big majority of search volume. If you have diverse content on your website, consider optimizing some for long-tail, low competition keywords that attract highly qualified traffic and boost conversions.

Website Design & On-Page SEO

4. Invest in a high-converting website

What makes a high-converting Amazon Affiliate website? For starters, it must be aesthetically pleasing. If you have already picked a profitable niche, your website should definitely have high-quality and keyword-optimized content.

Very few affiliate marketers possess the technical skills or SEO knowledge to develop a full-blown website on their own. From a practical standpoint, a time-consuming job such as web design should not be taking up your time. You need to focus on running your affiliate business and making strategic decisions on content and marketing. 

Many affiliate marketers prefer to purchase professionally developed websites that are custom-built for affiliate promotions.

5. Use internal links

Google doesn’t have a problem with affiliate links, so don’t hesitate to add at least two links to each post on your site. Internal linking aids crawling and indexing ease user navigation, increases time on site, and improves PageRank by spreading link juice to connecting pages (and if you were wondering, PageRank still matters!). 

6. Contextual links are your best friend

More than the buttons and widgets that Amazon provides you, most click-throughs and conversions will come from contextual links inserted within blog posts. When the focus is on information, education, and insights, readers will feel more motivated to check out a product. 

7. Create comparison tables

Human beings have a shorter attention span than goldfish. Even those with a strong intention to make a purchase want to get straight to the information that will help them make a decision in the shortest time. Comparison tables have been proven to be a good attraction for shoppers. Even Amazon does this and Amazon does a lot of things right when it comes to attracting shoppers.

Tips to Increase Amazon Affiliate Conversion Rate - Comparison Tables

If you are using a Premium WordPress theme, you would have the flexibility of adding comparison tables. If not, you can use the TablePress plugin. This plugin makes creating tables in WordPress very easy.

Add affiliate links to products within the table and also use calls to actions in multiple places throughout your article to improve the chances of a click-through.

8. Add a call to action (CTA) above the fold

This is a popular Amazon affiliate marketing strategy that works superbly. Above the fold is the content positioned such that the visitor doesn’t have to scroll. In other words, this content gets the most attention. For instance, you can consider adding the CTA statement along with the link to the product in the first paragraph of your post. 

Visitors will also likely heed an early CTA like ‘Click here to view our top pick’. To ensure it grabs instants attention, display the text or CTA button in a bold or contrasting color. 

9. Create your own graphics

While a bit time-consuming, creating attractive infographics, charts and other data visualizations can seem easier once you become familiar with online tools that allow you to create visually pleasing graphics. Here are some tools to consider:

  • Canva
  • Snappa
  • Visme
  • BeFunky
  • Google Charts
  • Piktochart
  • Animaker

Images and graphics enhance blog posts in these ways:

  • Support your point and do a better job of communicating what you cannot express through words alone
  • Increase visitor engagement with your content
  • Condense information or provide additional data and statistics in an easily digestible way
  • Make your post more memorable

10. Embed videos

Like images, videos are more alluring to visitors than text content. A professionally shot video of product-related content can boost conversions. Even better if you can demo the product – it can be you or someone else showing exactly how the product works, what it can achieve, and communicate information around its real-world use.

Though that would require a significant investment of time, effort and money, it is worth a try. You can review the post’s performance, how much the product earned you, page views and social media shares, to determine your ROI. If uploading videos have a positive impact on click-throughs, you can consider this tactic for high-value Amazon products.

Content Tips

11. Write posts showing how visitors can use the products

Visitors will appreciate any information on how they can use the Amazon product. A post on understanding a digital SLR and more relevant information on how to capture great shots ensures a more engaging and educative experience for readers.

If your affiliate products are versatile enough to be paired in different ways (ex: clothes or earrings) or re-used and given a second life (ex: CDs and DVDs), you can share tips, create internal links and enhance the perceived value of those products.

12. Add real reviews

Extolling every product on your site is the easiest way to lose visitor trust. Include the positives and drawbacks transparently; in any case, visitors who click through will read Amazon customer reviews of the product and realize that you’re not providing a well-rounded analysis.

13. Create case studies

A case study has a powerful impact on website visitors who are unsure about making a purchase but have identified that they have a requirement or a desire for a certain product or category of products.

An article in the form of a case study shows how you or someone else solved a problem, made progress or overcame a problem using a strategy or approach that incorporates the product you’re promoting. This format will not suit some categories of products, so first determine if a video, regular article, a post with infographics and images will help you explain the product and tell an engaging story.

14. Create a ‘best sellers list’ post

A ‘best sellers list’ conveys the popularity of products on the list and creates positive perceptions about their quality or efficacy. The products you’re promoting will have a top Amazon seller’s rank and hundreds or thousands of reviews. Website visitors who click through will be able to view this information on the Amazon product page, which will intensify or create the intention to buy.

If you have employed SEO tactics to attract qualified, targeted traffic to your website, a list of the five or seven best sellers in your category can really drive up conversions. Such posts can have a bigger impact when you promote them in the days leading to Christmas, New Year’s, summer vacations and other holidays.

15. Revisit existing content

Consistently good content builds trust in your website over time. Google rewards sites that regularly post quality content. They use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to understand how the content on the website works in relation to all the keywords used. That is, search engines identify the context of your blog’s content and match it with searchers’ intent. 

Here is an article offering practical tips on improving your Amazon affiliate site’s content. There are potentially many issues you can identify upon reviewing 2-3 of your most important posts. The review may not be as detailed or not compare/contrast against competitor products. The writing may not be up to par, perhaps in comparison with other affiliate websites. 

If you’re a busy marketer maintaining multiple websites and paying a freelance writer for content, then obvious flaws in posts may require quick action. Your immediate task would be to improve your existing posts and create a checklist of points that writers must follow at the time of writing product reviews. You can also include tips on research so as to cover important product details that visitors will expect to learn about. 

16. Point visitors to related products

Related product recommendations increase sales opportunities, so it’s a no-brainer to include them in your blog/site. Here are some suggestions:

  • Include a line or two about a related product naturally within a product review
  • Create a separate section that briefly lists related add-ons and accessories
  • You could explore adding a related product panel like the one seen on e-commerce sites. Leave out the price and perhaps add a brief benefit/value of each recommended product?

You can get creative but make sure what you incorporate reflects the true purpose of your site. For instance, if you have a product review website, it should not come across as another online marketplace. 

Develop an Audience

Develop Your Audience

17. Make the most of social media

Although Amazon does not allow you to share affiliate links on sites you do not own, you can promote products and share product links on social media platforms. Amazon also bans the use of affiliate product links on violent or sexually explicit social media pages. 

  • Share your most popular product comparison posts, videos or infographics 
  • Try to promote affiliate links on most social media sites; if your audience frequents Twitter and Facebook but not Instagram or Pinterest, focus on those high-potential platforms
  • Note that you cannot buy promoted tweets or pins or boost posts on Facebook
  • It is best to use your own images; if that’s not possible, use an approved image from Amazon’s API
  • If you sell one or more products on Amazon, run a contest or free giveaway on a social channel where you have the highest number of fans/followers.

18. Build an email list

Email is a powerful tool to establish long-term relationships with subscribers and strengthen your personal brand, which will contribute to sustained income. 

The first step is to gain subscribers and then create autoresponder emails that promote your blog content or ebook. The goal is to drive subscribers back to your website. It is against Amazon’s rules to include affiliate links in emails, so make sure you don’t include or mask them in your email message. 

Advanced Conversion Ideas

19. Split test your Call to Actions (CTAs)

The call to action button is an important element that can boost conversions when paired with a compelling offer. For Amazon affiliate sales, the effectiveness of CTA buttons cannot be accurately determined without split testing them on parameters such as button size, color, text, position, special effects, and whitespace.

20. Use multi-step opt-in forms

A multi-step form is a long-form broken up into shorter steps. It allows you to collect detailed information about prospects. The form’s structure is a lot less overwhelming for prospects, many of whom are typically not ready to fill in a lot of information.

A multi-step opt-in form answers questions about prospects’ requirements and preferences, allowing you to create a landing page with personalized Amazon product recommendations. This form of visitor self-segmenting increases the likelihood of clicks and supports your conversion goals in a meaningful way. It can also earn you highly engaged and targeted subscribers.

21. Leverage pre-order

Some products on Amazon can be pre-ordered. You can highlight this in your post to encourage the sales of desirable, in-demand or profitable products even before they are available in stores. 

Its Your Turn

Have you tried these tips before and have they helped you?

Do you have your own tips that you would like to share to increase the conversion rate from Amazon Affiliate sites?

Let me know in the comments section below.

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