11 Tips For Awesome Content Creation

You are here because you are looking for tips for Awesome Content Creation.

You must have heard the saying “Content is King!”. There are a few naysayers in the industry of SEO that mention that “Content is NOT King”, but you don’t have to fall for that.

Writing good content seems to be like a daunting task.

However, getting awesome content written for your blog need not be difficult.

So, what makes your content awesome?


Writing content is something that anyone can do. The only thing that one must keep in mind while writing content is the purpose behind it. It is important for a person who is writing blogs to understand the goals of the article (or post).

Every content piece that you write should have a call to action, it means that you need to ask yourself what do you want your audience to do once they are done reading your content. Once you get an answer to that, you should go ahead and start writing blogs that will help in engaging your audience in that way.

There is a way how different people define engaging content. Engaging content for me helps drive:

  • Increased traffic
  • Sales
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Clicks
  • Mentions
  • Conversations

All these variables can be used by a person to measure engagement in their content. If the content that you are producing does not engage your audience you are wasting your money, time and resources.

Putting your content out is not the only thing that will get you engagements. It is important to come up with great content and that for sure takes some time. Putting in that extra effort helps in giving an edge to your content.

  1. Write about things that are trending: If you write about articles that are trending, you are likely to get high volumes of searches because that is what people are interested in the most. Go to twitter or any social media and check out topics that people are talking about. If you write about topics that are trending, a blog gets a high volume of searches as more people would be interested in topics that are trending. Writing about these topics can provide perspective to these new companies regarding while pointing their eye towards many useful data. Speaking of trending, there is always something or the other that is trending and that is a resource that will never run out.
  2. Read other blogs for inspiration: if you are someone who is just going to focus on his own blogs and never pays heed about reading other blogs. You are definitely missing out on a lot of things. If you want to write well, you must have a look at what is being published on the internet. And to be aware start reading about technology, hobbies, politics, industries, parenting etc. Reading different types of blogs on the internet can help a person in getting a diverse perspective on how to write articles and titles related to it.
  3. Explain the different benefits of what you are writing about: If you are writing about something, it is better to write about its benefits to the user. If you are talking about any service, rather than talking about the service itself, talk about its benefits and how it can impact a user. By stating the benefits in the article, you are attracting more readers to click on your article.
  4. Use phrases that will steal the light: It is much more exciting to use catchy phrases rather than describing something on your own. Having a dull description of something can make things very dull for the reader and can decrease the engagement of active readers on your blog. Apart from using catchy phrases, you can also use catchy words that can help in invoking the emotions of a person in a better way.
  5. Create Diverse content: Convey your content by using different mediums. If you are someone who is writing blogs by just using one medium, then you might as well mix things up and add some graphics, videos and images to it. This helps in giving the edge to your content which again adds to the engagement of your content.
  6. Structure your content well: It is important to use subheading in the content. The importance of subheadings lies in the fact that it increases the readability of your content and makes it easy for the reader to read your content. Having content that is easily scannable is what readers prefer. Having content with subheadings, bullets, lists and headings helps a reader to stay hooked.
  7. Use Keywords: Keywords are not something that people use just like that. It is not just used for Search Engine Optimization. Using proper keywords ensure that users stay on the page and are still reading the content. Readers who are engaged on your content are definitely interested in the subject of your keyword and that is why it is important to deliver what your keyword demands. Otherwise, there is a good probability that your reader will lose interest in what they are reading.
  8. Have interesting titles for your blog: It is a very common phrase that we should not judge a book by its cover. But alas we cannot say the same thing for blogs that are on the internet. Readers do swoop in by looking at the title of the content. The cover, in this case, can be your blog title and the picture of the blog. Having an interesting title will draw more audience towards you.
  9. Be a little brave: We know that Google doesn’t mind quantity when it comes to writing a blog but that doesn’t mean that we should go in and start writing long paragraphs which no one will be interested in reading. In such cases, we should avoid writing run-on sentences and be short, precise and to the point.
  10. Have your own way to deliver your content: I don’t know if you have discovered it yet. But every content writer has a way they write an article. That is also referred to as the voice of a writer. Your content gets more engaging if your delivery is unique. Readers are more interested in reading a blog with a voice rather than reading a bland piece of article. The best way to do that is to align your speaking and writing skills together while delivering your piece of content.
  11. Have a call to action: There are some great digital marketers who believe in the power of the call to action and yet they are being overlooked from time to time. Call to action can play a very powerful role in your content. It provides direction to your content where a reader just knows what to do next


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If you could only focus on 3 things when creating content, which 3 things would you focus on?

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