Link Building with Blog Comments

Blog Commenting for SEO

Over the last century, communication technology has had exponential progress. If plotted on the graph, we would get to witness the leaps and bounds it has made in its advancements. The most preferred method of communication was by writing a letter, back in the late 1800s. Then we had one of the wondrous inventions in the field of communication technology, the telephone.

Today, being at the epitome of technological advancements, we shoot an e-mail or direct message to the person or groups by merely the click of a button. During all these advancements, the previous methods of communication are becoming more antique.

Such is the story of blog commenting for link building. Even during half-a-decade ago, blog commenting was the best method for building links, but now it has started to take a backseat.  

This article is your one-stop guide, so read on to find out everything you need to know about building links through blog commenting.


Blog Commenting – What is it?

Blog Comments for SEO

Before you move on to understand whether blog commenting is still useful or not, let’s get the fundamentals clear.

By definition, blog commenting is a relationship between bloggers, blogs, and blog readers. It is an excellent method for exchanging ideas, opinions, and thoughts about what people feel for a specific topic or a blog post.

Block commenting is the process by which various comments are posted on a particular webpage that has a backlink to your main site. It aids in making the blog social by attracting more traffic. Keeping the importance of SEO in mind, some of the core value of blog commenting is to help you in ranking your keywords.


The Need for blog commenting in SEO

Among the plethora of different purposes of using blog commenting, the most common purposes are listed below:

  • To create backlinks
  • Increasing search ranking
  • To spread knowledge

With the sole purpose of driving organic traffic to websites or blogs, blog commenting is used to create a relationship between the readers and the users. Let’s delve into how these specific terms can help improve your blog’s ranking significantly.

  • Backlink: If you have been working hard on your blog/website and there is no significant amount of traffic, then one of the main reasons behind it would be – low ranking of your site. When you comment on someone else’s blog posts, then you automatically create a backlink, which in turn helps you to attract more traffic to your site.
  • Relationships: The humane touch which backlinking helps to create is by building a relationship between the readers (website users) and the bloggers. Building relationships do take time, but once established, they can give your fruitful returns.
  • Traffic: Backlinking is a method to drive traffic to your blog/website. While commenting on a blog post in pursuance of building a link, care should be taken that you are only writing comments on posts relevant to your site. Commenting on random blogs will not bring results.


Things to get your strategy right


With the innumerable number of blogs and websites on the Internet today, finding a useful and relevant blog to comment on might be more complicated than finding a needle in a haystack! You need to keep the following characteristics in mind while you are blog commenting for link building purpose:

  • The blogs should be in your niche
  • They should be active
  • Should have a reputable name

In pursuance of finding the best blogs to comment on, do a Google search of the following phrases (copy-paste these phrases into the Google search bar):

  • “do-follow for blog commenting”
  • high PR blogs to comment on”


Make your comments effective

Before you start commenting on any blog, always remember that you are putting yourself on a stage to develop a relationship with the author of that particular blog/website.

Avoid commenting phrases like, “Awesome post!” or “Wow great article”.

In these cases, the author might notice your comment, but you will never be remembered because thousands of other casual viewers are also posting something similar. You will get lost in the herd.

It is always advisable to take time to read and analyze the posts before you write your comment. You should either post comments from one of the following types:

  • Read, analyze, and then share your personal review on that particular post. Your review will make your comment stand-out from the rest and will have a high chance of attracting the attention of the author.
  • If you have an inquisitive nature, you might as well ask a question. An interactive comment enhances the interest of the author to reply to your inquiry, which helps in building the relationship.
  • You can also share your personal experience related to the topic on which the blog talks about.


In a nutshell

Using blog commenting for link building purposes is still one of the best methods to create a strong relationship with people in your niche. Building a better reader-author relationship means creating a strong backlink, which in turn helps to rank up your blog in the search pages.

With the aid of blog commenting, you can attract tons of organic traffic to your blogs on a monthly or even a weekly basis. It is one of the off-page SEO techniques.

Although there is no right or wrong way to comment on the blogs, it is wise to keep some of the above-discussed technicalities in mind. It is always advisable to use them as smartly as you can! All these might be tiresome in the beginning, and it does require your time and energy to build this up.

Therefore, to all the bloggers out there, it is always encouraged – Think long term to make a more significant profit!

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