5 Best Amazon Affiliate Sites – Examples for You to Follow

5 Best Amazon Affiliate Sites Examples

What do you imagine when you think of examples of a successful Amazon Affiliate site?

Do you think its a site with about 10 pages of content with reviews of products?

If that is the case, then you are wrong.

The best Amazon Affiliate sites are those that do not look much like an affiliate site for other programs.

Amazon Affiliate sites are everywhere nowadays. Everyone from newbie fashion bloggers to tech and video-game giants is getting in on the affiliate game. It makes sense, too; good content is hard to create, so why not monetize it?

It’s easy to sign up and become an Amazon Affiliate, but it takes a special kind of site to rise the ranks and make it to the top. Given my interest in this subject, I wanted to find out examples of the best sites that monetize really well from Amazon. This is what I found.

We’ll go through some of the best examples of successful Amazon Affiliate sites.

But first:

We’ll look at what the program is, how it works, and what differentiates a mediocre affiliate site from a great one.

What is an Amazon Affiliate site?

Best Amazon Affiliate Sites Examples - Associate Site

Basically speaking, any website that is part of the Amazon Associates program is an Amazon Affiliate site. Under the program, you can promote products on your blog, website, or social media and link it back to its Amazon product page. If someone purchases items after clicking on your link, you get a small commission or referral fee.

This lets you provide extra value to the people who visit your site while also earning you a little cash on the side. Some websites even report earning six figures just from Amazon Associates alone.

Of course, there are dozens of other affiliate programs, but Amazon’s is the biggest and most popular by a long shot. It’s used by around 1% of all websites, which translates to almost 6.5 million websites in the Amazon Associates program.

How does Amazon Affiliate work?

The Amazon Affiliate program is very simple to join. You sign up for the program for free and fill out a few tax forms. Once your application has been approved, you can search through the thousands if not millions of products on Amazon’s catalog. Amazon will give you your own special link to the product, which you can then blast on your website however you see fit.

Once one of your readers clicks on that special link, they will be redirected to that product’s page on Amazon. If they buy it, then you can a small percentage of that item’s price.

Even if that person doesn’t end up buying the product you promoted but still purchases something else, you still get a commission. That’s right – as long as they buy it within 24 hours from clicking on your link, you earn on every purchase they make. What’s even better is that you’ll earn a percentage of the entire cart, not just that one item.

How much you earn depends on what kind of products you’re promoting. Some categories, like PC components and DVDs, only net you about 2% of the price. Others, however, like digital video games, can get you up to 10%. Those might not sound like huge numbers initially, but with enough conversions from clicks, they can really stack up.

Websites love the Amazon Associates program mainly because of the name Amazon has built for themselves. They are the biggest online retailer in the world, with a large range of products in literally every category imaginable. Millions of transactions are made every day on the retail platform. Buyers already trust Amazon and have no hesitations about buying a good product from them.

Amazon Associates also provides a lot of support to their affiliate websites. Their dashboard can help you generate text links, native ads, banners, and images that you can put on your site.  You can easily search for products that are relevant to you and your readers. WordPress users are also able to use plugins to search for products from within their blog – they don’t even need to go to the Amazon website at all.

There are a couple of things to remember with Amazon Affiliates, however. If you don’t make a single sale in a three-month period, Amazon will close your affiliate account. You’re free to re-apply, of course.

You can promote products on your website, blog, or social media, but you cannot insert affiliate links in an e-mail. It triggers suspicions of being spam, which could prompt Amazon to close your account.

The Best Amazon Affiliate Sites

There are literally millions of Amazon Affiliate sites, but a select few really stand out from the pack. These websites have successfully made a business out of the program. We’ll look at four of the best Amazon Affiliates – who they are and what they’re doing right – so you can gain more insight into improving your own affiliate website.


The Wire Cutter


Example of Amazon Affiliate Site - WireCutter

Monthly visitors: 14.2 million visits in August 2018

Average post length: 3,000-5,000 words per post

First on the list is The Wire Cutter, arguably the most successful Amazon Affiliate site in the world. They’re a review site mostly focused on mostly tech and gadgets. They have also had reviews of other niches such as:

Home & Garden,

Kitchen & Dining

Office Products,


Travel, and

Office amongst others.

They have high-quality, long reviews clocking in at thousands of words’ worth of detail. Unlike other review sites that just rehash and recycle information they’ve found online, The Wire Cutter actually has a team of product testers that buy and test all the products independently. You know you’re getting their honest opinion, which makes them a credible, trustworthy source for information.

They have pretty high engagement, with most of their posts having dozens if not hundreds of comments. They obviously put a great amount of effort into creating original and valuable content, which translated into Amazon sales. They were recently bought by The New York Times, and have since enjoyed a massive aesthetic upgrade. Their website has a more modern, easy-to-read look, but with the same reliable content.

Unique Feature:

Something unique that they have done with their search bar is added the text:

Show me the best…

Now that’s something different.


100 Days of Real Food


Example of Amazon Affiliate Site - 100 Days of Real Food

Monthly visitors: Over 351,000 visits in August 2018

Average post length: 500-1,000 words per post

In a day and age where people usually go for food that is cheap, easy, and probably bad for you, 100 Days of Real Food tries to break the mold and promote healthy eating habits. The challenge is to go 100 days without eating processed food. The site provides thousands of recipes and guides to change your lifestyle.

Compared to the other sites on this list, 100 Days of Real Food is more like a traditional blog than an aggregation of reviews and products. Lisa Leak, the owner, has built up a loyal following over the years and is a true food authority. Her affiliate links show up mostly in her ingredient and kitchen gear recommendations. This site is a good example of how you can monetize a simple blog without having to stuff it with Amazon products.

Unique Feature:

Lisa also sells her own cookbook on Amazon and she sends you there via an affiliate link.


This Is Why I’m Broke



Monthly visitors: 2.76 million visits in August 2018

Average post length: 10-160 words

I came across this site, not while I was searching for an Amazon affiliate site. Rather, I found it when I was looking for a unique gift for a crazy friend of mine.

For all things strange and unusual, This Is Why I’m Broke is the perfect affiliate website. Their site promotes the weird, off-kilter, and novelty items you can find lurking in the corners of the Amazon platform. It’s chock-full of interesting but not necessarily useful stuff, from holographic Halloween decorations to packets of McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce to the actual Playboy Mansion. The site was originally curated by its owners, but readers can now also submit the bizarre gems they find online.

This Is Why I’m Broke is proof that a great idea sells itself. They’ve gotten a lot of press (and valuable backlinks!) from the work they do, thanks to the power of curiosity and virality. The only major downside is that since most of the reviews and recommendations are user-submitted, there aren’t many thorough reviews or detailed descriptions on the website itself.

Unique Feature:

This site also has a filter for NSFW products that you can find on their site.


Pick My Shaver


Example of Amazon Affiliate Site - PickMyShaver

Monthly visitors: 57,000 visitors

Average post length: 1,000 words

If you want an example of how super niche marketing can work, look no further than Pick My Shaver. The idea is simple, really: it’s a review website, except dedicated entirely to shavers and shaving equipment. Like The Wire Cutter, the company has its own product testing team that tests, reviews, and compares the products they review.

While its numbers aren’t as impressive as the other ones on this list, it’s still incredible that such a niche category could get so much attention and revenue. The owner is also very responsive to comments on the websites, which shows that he’s dedicated to his readership.

Unique Feature:

The site does not have an SSL certificate installed and yet seems to do well.


My Pet Needs That


Example of Amazon Affiliate Site - MyPetNeedsThat

Monthly visitors: 501,000 visitors in August 2018

Average post length: 2,000 – 5000 words

How can one have a list of Amazon affiliate sites and not include one in the Pet niche? This site is neatly organized and looks amazing.

The site has product reviews for dogs, cats, fish, and even rodents. For each type of animal, they have also included informational articles to support their product reviews. They seem to have added the year ‘2018’ to all their product review posts.

Unique Feature:

A unique way that the site builds its mailing list is by offering an opportunity to win $100 in a giveaway.


Do’s and Don’ts for Amazon Affiliate Website

Anyone can sign up to be an Amazon Affiliate, but most people don’t know how to maximize it. Because of this, they’re not seeing the returns they were promised. Earlier, we said that Amazon Associates is “deceptively” simple, and this is true. In theory, it sounds like an easy win-win for everyone involved, but the reality is that you can’t just stick a link in your blog and expect it to work. It takes a little effort to get the results you want.

You can find 21 tips to increase your Amazon Affiliate profits in my other article on this site.

The most successful Amazon Affiliate websites employ a number of tactics to stay on top of the game and away from harmful penalties or suspensions. Use these tips and tricks below to make the most out of your affiliate website:


✔ Promote products that are relevant to your website’s content and readers. If your site is for dog lovers, promote pet toys and accessories, not car parts. People go to your site for a specific reason and are more likely to click on a link for something they’re already interested in buying.

✔Insert a couple of relevant affiliate links throughout your content. Take advantage of the different ways you can promote Amazon products, like images or native ads.

✔ Promote offers and discounts. Let your readers know if they can get a special deal by clicking on your link.

✔ Update your content strategy. Having better content is one way to increase your click-through ratio. Give your readers valuable and relevant content, and you will become a trustworthy, reliable voice in your field.

✔ Post reviews. Your readers want your honest opinions on which products you can actually recommend, not just press releases or a rehash of product information that they can find elsewhere. It shows that you care not just about making money, but also about equipping them with valuable and unique knowledge. Long and well-written reviews are better for ranking higher in searches and will increase traffic to your posts. Link to products that you know and trust.

✔ Write listicles or product roundups. List posts review or rank several different items in one go. You can promote several products organically in this way.

✔ Stack revenue streams. Use different ways of promoting the product, and find other ways to monetize your content.

✔ Review updates to the Amazon Associates terms and conditions. This will help you avoid costly non-compliance issues in the future.


✘ Spam your content with Amazon affiliate links. Don’t blast your readers with ads, your content will read as too pushy at best and incomprehensible at worst. Amazon and Google both penalize spammy websites, which could hurt your rankings and maybe even get your account suspended.

✘ Use gray or black hat techniques for your website. Amazon can ban you, and you could lose your income stream.

✘ Rely on Amazon Associates as your sole business model. Sure, it’s a great way to monetize your site with just a few tweaks, but things can change at any time. Amazon could decide to pull their affiliates program or change their commission structure (which they’ve already done in the past). Have a more sustainable strategy in case things don’t work out.

✘ Violate the Amazon Affiliates Operation Agreement in an attempt to “cheat the system” and earn more money. They will find out and audit your account. This could result in your site being suspended, or worse – permanently banned from the program.


Joining the Amazon Associate program is a great way to monetize your content. Many brands, bloggers, and influencers use affiliate links to earn a little extra income at little to no cost. As long as you provide valuable and relevant content to your readers and learn from the best Amazon Affiliate sites, nothing can stop you from turning your blog into a cash cow.

Are you now inspired to start your own Amazon Affiliate site? You can also read the article to start a new niche site which also includes Amazon Affiliate sites.

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