Amazon slashed their Fees for Affiliate Marketing Program – Round-up

Amazon Slashes Affiliate Fee - Round Up

Right, so you must have heard this already.

From April 21, 2020, Amazon will have reduced the percentage of fees for certain categories of products.

The fees go from 8% to 3% in some categories.

Obviously, everyone is upset. There are many that rely on Amazon Affiliate program, Amazon Associates, to drive their passive income. I am one of them.

So for the benefit of everyone else just like me, I decided to create a round-up of articles and videos that other affiliate marketers have put up.

Videos Regarding Amazon’s Reduced Fees for Affiliate Marketing

Chris Walker

Superstar SEO

Chris Walker, the owner of the Legiit marketplace, provides his views and some tips for new affiliate marketers.

His video is nicely titled Amazon July Killed Affiliate Marketing!. But he then goes to explain how affiliate marketing is not really dead. He also plugs his marketplace for providing services – Legiit.

I really like Chris and his video is a good watch, apart from the click-bait title. 🙂

Affiliate Marketing Dude

Be careful when you watch this video, you will know as soon as you start watching.

The Affiliate Marketing Dude goes in to detail about the changes in the Amazon Affiliate fees.

He also nicely explain some options that you can use if you want to change from Amazon Associates. Some of the options are CPA affiliate offers, contacting the merchants directly, and drop-shipping.

Carl Broadbent

Another click-bait title maybe, but Chris provides many options that one can utilize.

The tone of the video is very awesome and calm. Something that we all need to watch.



Let’s start with some of the major news sites that covered this story.


One of the largest business news sites covers this story in great detail.

The Verge

The Verge’s parent company, Vox Media, is an Amazon Affiliate, so this news also impacts them.

Search Engine Journal

Everyone’s favorite Search Engine News website covers this story too. It also provides a balanced view of how not all categories are affected by this change. Although, it does mention that the most popular categories are impacted.

Sam Mitrovic

The Best Alternatives to Amazon Associates

Sam provides some nice alternatives to the Amazon Associates program. Check out his article, if you are considering moving away from Amazon, post the fee cut.



Affiliate marketing is not dead, you might just want to switch to something more profitable. One thing that you still need to do is improve your Amazon affiliate conversion rate. So, if you do continue with the program, you will find some of the tips I mention useful.

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